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Translation music video is out

Awhile ago we mentioned that we would be appearing in a music video for our collaboration on The Beast’s Translation. We started shooting footage in May of 2010 at Cuban Revolution, and in February 2011 the video is finally out!  Directed by Alex Martinez for...

Lo Que Tú Querías is out!

Orquesta GarDel is thrilled to bring you its first musical offering.  Available as a digital download or a physical CD in our online store.  In a few days it will be available in Triangle-area independent music stores.  Viva la salsa!

Lead single from the CD revealed!

Here is the third track from our debut EP, Lo Que Tú Querías.  Brand new, never been performed, you heard it here first.  Please stream it and share it with your friends as much as you can! It will not be download-enabled until the rest of the album is posted and for...