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New York, Havana, San Francisco, Miami, Madrid: you’ve got nothing on the Triangle.  This week our local alt-weekly put out its reader-voted “Best of” lists for various restaurants, clubs, services, and so on.  They also solicited memories from local activists, businesspeople, politicians.  We were completely caught off guard by this touching account from Heather LaGarde, who is essentially the Queen of Saxapahaw:

Of all the happy, rewarding, inspiring things I’ve seen since returning to the Triangle after so many years away, I would have to say one of my favorites was witnessing Orquesta GarDel play the tiny Hay Wagon stage at the Saxapahaw Farmer’s Market….Farmers, old-timers, gorgeous young things, babies and mommies, hoopers and hipsters took over the entire meadow, all of the market, spilling down to the riverside, and they danced.  Some really knew how to, some were actually salsa dancing, but some of the older folks were waltzing, some doing various forms of swing and disco; the kids were just jumping up and down and twirling…I don’t think the village had ever seen anything like it, and it made me feel like the world was coming together in the best kind of way.

You can read the full quote here, as well as other great stories.  Scroll down the page for the one called “Saxapahaw: Where Life Comes Together.”  Heather, we couldn’t agree with you more and we are always grateful for your support!  This is what it is to live, work, play, make art, and dance in North Carolina.

The LaGardes are co-owners of the new Haw River Ballroom.  Eventually all of the entrepreneurs in the area will co-write a $6 book like the kind you see in the check out lane at Barnes and Noble called “101 Creative Uses for Tobacco and Textile Mills.”

GarDel is returning to Motorco Music Hall this weekend.  If it is anything like our sell-out CD release party in January, you can expect some great photos and videos up on the site next week!